Deepak Malhotra: My Experience

Attorney Deepak MalhotraMy experience is in assisting small and large companies around the world, particularly those in the electrical, mechanical, and computer arts, and in trademark portfolio management. I particularly enjoy working with software-based inventions and business methods. Technologies I've worked with include software, RF communications, sensors, smart cards, ESD protection, tape drives, disk drives, servo systems, printers, static memory cells, dynamic memory cells, databases, publishing systems, virtual reality, wafer production methods, wafer polishing, antenna diversity systems, RF collision arbitration systems, marketing systems, electron multipliers, digital clock recovery loops, etc. I've also worked on mechanical inventions such as automotive inventions, environmental and wastewater treatment inventions, etc.

Patent Application Experience

I have written patent applications for hundreds of inventions and have been successful in gaining allowances from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. See, for example, the following patents which issued from patent applications that I wrote and prosecuted for the listed clients:

For examples of software patents that issued from applications I wrote, see:

For an example of a jumbo electronics patent that issued from an application I wrote and prosecuted, see:

If you are curious about my credentials, see my resumé